Lung Cancer Claims

Following the Court of Appeal’s decision in the case of Heneghan v Manchester Dry Docks Ltd and Others, the Trust will, with immediate effect, treat lung cancer claims as divisible.

1. Review of Payment Percentages The Actuarial review of Payment Percentages has now been carried.  As a result, the dividend paid from the EL Fund will be reduced from 100p/£ to 60p/£ with immediate effect. It is anticipated that a further 5p/£ will be paid from the EL Fund five years after payment of the […]


Second Dividend

Following the recent announcement of suspension of the TBA Fund, the new dividend has now been set at 10p/£. It is not anticipated there will be a second dividend from the TBA Fund

Recent claims experience shows that there has been a greater volume, with higher values, of claims from the TBA Fund Read More…

Second dividends are now being paid on Trust claims. Read More…

With effect from 12 October 2011 expedited and maximum values will be increased. Read More…

The Government has announced that the Trusts will be exempt from all taxation.


Increased dividends

With effect from 12 October 2010, dividends will be increased Read More…